Midwood Condominium at Hillview MRT Station by Hong Leong Holdings Near to HillV2 and Rail Mall

Midwood condominium is a new property growth at Hillview Increase within 5 minutes walk from Hillview MRT station on the Midtown Line. It is being established by Hong Leong Holdings, one of the most well-known and also acknowledged realty players in Singapore. The Midwood will certainly make up 564 apartments in 2 domestic towers, skyrocketing 29 floors high. At those elevations locals will certainly have sights over the surrounding plant, from the hillocks of Bukit Gombak to the north and also west, over the landed housing estates to the south, and round to Bukit Timah hill as well as the tree covers and also tanks of Upper Pierce.

For this reason homes around the Midwood area are popular with people who appreciate a more laid back lifestyle. Here one can run away from the crowd, away from the frenetic pace of city living, into a sanctuary of greenery as well as calmness. It is quite typical to see homeowners strolling their dogs around the estate, or taking a night walk, often heading back from a leisurely dish or drink at HillV2 or the Rail Mall. Little marvel after that, that this place is popular with deportees too.

The site itself runs in a mostly north-south positioning, a little slanted to the north-north-east. To the north of the site is Kingsford Hillview Height. HillV2 rests promptly east of the site. On the other two sides are empty land now, however zoned for future household. Thus in the meantime, systems dealing with west as well as south will obtain unblocked greenery views. In future, there will still be pockets of open spaces, as well as high flooring residents ought to take pleasure in views to the nature reserves.

The Midwood website covers an area of 153,886 sq ft. Under the URA Plan Of Attack, it is zoned residential with 2.8 story ratio. This exercises to allowed gross floor location of 430,880 sq ft. Provided the SGD$ 460 million that Hong Leong Holdings paid for this land parcel, it corresponds to a land rate of regarding $1,067 per sq ft per plot proportion (PSF PPR). This can imply a break even expense of around $1,600 PSF PPR, after considering growth and also building and construction, advertising as well as financing, as well as expenses expenses. The actual asking price would after that rely on the margin above that.

Hong Leong Holdings was developed in 1968 as the building investment and growth arm of the Hong Leong Team. One of the earliest moving companies in the regional realty scene, it has actually considering that grown to come to be a significant property gamer. In the process it has actually earned a track record as one of the most reputable and relied on companies of homes in Singapore. Hong Leong Holdings handles 8 business tasks presently, and created some 100 domestic tasks covering the mid to premium range, consisting of in a few of the island’s most valued neighbourhoods.

HillV2 is not a huge mall, yet it has basically what is needed in the method of services and eating in restaurants. There are fine dining choices ranging from Italian, to Japanese, Korean, Chinese, as well as neighborhood cuisine. There are a number of bistros and ice-cream creameries, as well as a Starbucks outlet, great for hanging out at with friends. And for grocery stores and also various other standard things, we have Hillview Market Location supermarket, along with a clinic and also dental expert, hair and beauty parlor, a pet shop, a floral designer, and even a tuition centre for the kids. And also for selection, look into the Instagram-worthy Rail Shopping Mall throughout Bukit Timah Roadway. Here you can find much more local fare consisting of a prata location, in a much more colourful setup.

The nature gets and also parks around the Midwood place with any luck encourages a healthier way of living, with its biking as well as walking tracks. Simply having all that greenery creates a much more relaxed setup, besides fresher air. Air temperatures around the main catchment area in Singapore have been located to be a great 2 levels lower than in even more accumulated environs. Even if difficult workout is not your point, this is still a positive area for leisurely after-dinner strolls or strolling the canine.

This location is additionally within 15 minutes drive from the Jurong Lake Area, that is readied to be the second CBD of Singapore. And 20 minutes drive from Orchard Roadway. Midwood apartment at Hillview is a property advancement jointly created between Hong Leong Holdings Limited and Hong Realty (Private) Limited, under the residential property advancement and financial investment arm of Hong Leong Team.

Having finished nearly 100 household advancements given that its consolidation in 1968, they are highly regarded as one of the leaders in the early stage of real estate arena in Singapore. HLHL also takes wonderful satisfaction in developing lots of iconic and also distinct household jobs in Singapore. Please know all our present balance devices on offer are first-come-first-served basis at Midwood condominium. If you are interested to reserve an unit via us using phone or on-line entry kind, please note that the optimum reservation duration is 2 hours only. All appointment requested is additionally subject to our management’s authorization.

Midwood Singapore is an all new property advancement situated at 8 and also 10 Hillview Rise, in Area 23 of Singapore. It is a short range drive to our second CBD in Singapore, Jurong Lake Area. This new Hillview apartment consist a total of 576 household systems and also a child care center, with 2 legendary towers each 29-storey high with 6-storey of Multi-Storey parking area. There are 7 system types in this growth, which varies from a functional 484 sq ft 1-bedroom, to a large 1259 sq ft 4-bedroom with utility room that appropriates for big family or multi-generation living.

In terms of way of living as well as facilities, Midwood is less than 10 minutes’ stroll …

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Different Mortgage Loans to Better Service Your Homes For Your Family

Mortgage Loans are one of the most important things that families look for and there are different mortgage loans for your family. There are 2 listed below to better service your family in times of needs. The particular Hybrid Mortgage Loan will get thier name from the particular fact that it is usually usually a mixture of two loan products: A fixed-rate home personal loan and an adjustable-rate house loan. Its initial charge may be the initial three, five, seven, or perhaps ten years with the bank loan period. After that, typically the money becomes an flexible rate mortgage, with the particular rate adjusting up or even down every six or perhaps twelve months.

Hybrid money are typically available inside 3/1-, 5/1-, 7/1-, or perhaps 10/1-year terms. In some sort of 5/1 hybrid loan, regarding example, the initial 5 numerous years of payments will get an exceptionally low preset interest rate, often just one to 1. 5 factors below the current very low rate for any 30-year fixed-rate mortgage. Then a balance regarding the loan, in this instance, twenty five years, will have the adjustable rate. A 2nd, less-common type of cross types loan has a very low fixed rate for their first few years, which usually turns to another (usually higher) fixed rate for your remainder of the mortgage. To both loans, typically the rate on the next period of the mortgage has a cap, nevertheless not always. The hat is often two % annually, and six % for your life of typically the loan.

This sort of home mortgage is very attractive to be able to the homebuyer who is aware they will only stay in the home for a new few years. There will be no cause of that home buyer to buy a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage if they will will get the lower costs on a hybrid mortgage.

But few of all of us have a guarantee concerning the time period we’ll need to live in each of our home. If you get after the initial name of your hybrid personal loan is over that a person would rather remain in the home, your monthly obligations may go up precipitously. Experts usually agree of which homebuyers that are not optimistic that they want to shift within a few decades can be better served by simply a long-term loan.

Prior to you decide to acquire advantage of a cross loan, read the documents carefully. There are simply no set rules for cross types loans, so the charges, potential penalties, and conditions of the loan can differ from lender to loan provider. You’ll want to recognize the beginning and stop dates of your respective loan, plus what the cap is definitely on your loan prices. You’ll also want to be able to find out if you will find any penalties if an individual decide to pay back the loan before its preliminary rate expires. (Prepayment fines are illegal in several says. ) Lastly, check up on the mortgage-origination fees. These are generally generally higher for hybrid money than they are for much more traditional loans.

A opposite mortgage is an actual estate loan that enables the homeowner convert element or all the equity inside his or her house into cash. To meet the criteria for a reverse home loan, one must be sixty two years old or old, and they need to have paid out off most, if not really all, of their house mortgage. Getting an opposite mortgage differs from obtaining a home equity loan or even home equity line involving credit because no present income is needed to qualify, and even no repayment is essential till the borrower no more time uses the home because their principal residence.

Change mortgages are geared towards house owners who are “house-rich nevertheless cash-poor. ” They may be utilized in almost virtually any way the homeowner selects. Homeowners often get some sort of reverse mortgage when that they are suddenly faced using a large debt, for example an unexpected medical repayment, or if they merely want to spend a big sum on a house improvement project.

The sum of money available by way of a reverse mortgage will be determined by the homeowner’s age, their amount regarding home equity, the present appraised associated with their very own home, and current rates of interest. In other words, typically the older the homeowner is definitely, the more equity these people have in their residence, and, the lower curiosity rates are, a lot more cash is available through some sort of reverse mortgage. There are usually also a number associated with fees that accompany some sort of reverse mortgage, and these people will be subtracted in the amount of money accessible.

The reverse mortgage can easily be paid in numerous distinct ways, including in a single huge, in regular every month payments, or in portions that are determined from the homeowner on an as-needed basis. If the house owner “outlives” the money, typically the home still belongs to be able to them as long since they continue to shell out property taxes and homeowner’s insurance on it. Nevertheless, how much money the homeowner may receive when they decide in order to sell the home (their home equity) will get reduced by the sum that has been subtracted from the reverse home loan.

There are numerous of different opposite mortgage loans available. The particular most common ones happen to be: 1 ) the federally covered Home Equity Conversion Home loan (HECM), administered by the particular Department of Housing plus Urban Development (HUD); two. single-purpose reverse mortgages, typically offered by state or perhaps local government agencies for the specific reason; and several. proprietary reverse mortgages, made available from banks, mortgage companies, and also other private lenders. A inverted mortgage tends to end up being more expensive than standard loan products, however it could be an effective residence loan tool in typically the right set of conditions.

Dual index mortgage, often referred to as DIM, is …

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Getting The Best Photos for Marketing Your Property


Understanding how to use two main camera configurations and equipment parts can make a difference. Tragically, indoor shots represent a variety of photographic difficulties that are difficult for amateur photographers. You should not expect medium-sized ground rocks to turn into specialized camera carriers, but you can benefit positively with two tricks at your disposal and some sporting equipment.

The main problem when photographing interior day-lit areas is that it is difficult to strike a balance between ambient day-light, artificial lighting, and dark shadows behind dividers and in rooms from the front. This envelope displays a range of different exposures and bearing in mind that the human eye naturally adapts to various levels; the camera will have difficulty understanding everything. HDR, an acronym for High Powerful Collection, is a popular device for dealing with these lighting conditions. Take many pictures in quick succession then merges them into an image with a specific schedule. Use a tripod for maintaining the same point in each shot. Be sure to eliminate the programmed brightness of this strategy. It takes some time to complete this method, of course, but it can help you get more details in test configurations.

This scenario might seem familiar: you want to display new windows in your customer’s living room, but every time you take a picture, the photo is completely hidden. Images containing non-transparent front areas and overexposed windows are a common problem that occurs when the outside light surrounding the camera’s illumination scale declines the overpayment. The dim light balances the lighting in the room and gives you a better chance. Alternatively, you can use the camera’s manual controls and settings. The correct configuration depends on the type of device you have, whatever it is. In almost one-window shots, the ISO setting is usually about 800 jobs impressive, although you may want to rise higher if there is unusually low light in the front area.

Organizing photos, premature cleaning counters, tables, and floors can turn your regular flyer into a real fabricator. Delete your appointment with your customer before introducing yourself and ask him to clean, clean, clean. Even subtle details like an unnatural photo frame or moving edge covering the floor can rip your photos off, so be sure to scroll the shots with an excellent toothbrush. This disorder means that there are no strings of force or vacuum cleaners in the outlet, but this does not mean completely sterile surfaces. There are several welcome contacts, such as a bunch of books, a jar of flowers or many candles, that will make the space feel beautiful and wonderful. After all, this is what is sold out anyway: a dream of future life for shoppers on another cozy farm.

Unless you have a steady hand from a specialist, you will need a tripod in certain conditions. The tripod makes ready shots and stays away from blurry, but is also exceptionally important if you are running HDR or mixing screen speeds. The more time it is exposed, the more likely it is that there will be slight developments in the last component. It would help if you used a tripod every time you drive the ISO up to a higher range. Likewise, if you take ample pictures of the exterior of the house or increase your photos, the smallest shake will be more noticeable. Under specific conditions, even the slightest breathing can create a weak bullet. Stay away from this dilemma with a lightweight foldable tripod.

You may also want to position the resources in a simple way to use them with a full focal point. When buyers check land listings, they want to get an idea of ​​the area. But it isn’t elementary to convert to pictures unless you have a full alternative. This is important for outdoor shots, as well as for indoor installations. The widest contact point inside the rooms provides a feeling of joy and space that cannot be gained with a regular shot. The easy-to-use cameras that have a wide range of focal length details are ideal; the lower the value at that end of the spectrum, the larger the picture.…

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Dealing With Multiple Offers for Your Property

You can send an offer to a buyer who is close to the full price quote and ask the quoting agent for other offers. The property listing company may decide to say no. The following day, the same broker may call you and tell you that the property was sold to another buyer. Why did the broker keep mum on the several offers?

Dealing with multiple offers

While it may seem that quote broker should be asked to return to all these other buyers in case other offers arrive, the seller may choose not to take this action and may choose another address to negotiate the. It may also look like going to the previous offers will be the best for the seller. However, from the seller’s point of view, there may be conditions for both prices and not related to the cost of other more attractive offers. The seller may not want to risk withdrawing the next best bid in the time it takes to restart other buyers and allow them to change their offers.

How do you deal with this situation? First, you should avoid keeping yourself informed. You can do this by asking the dealer if there are other people currently interested in the home and whether someone else made an offer. How may you enhance your chances of selecting from the multiple offers in the home you want? Here are some tips:

  1. Make a big safety deposit: You must be smart in this movement. In any case, the deposit money will go to the payment of your home, so technically, you do not lose money. However, if you withdraw from the transaction, there is a possibility that your money will go to the seller. To overcome the deposit of funds from other potential buyers, do not feel so jealous that you may lose more than you can. Ensure that all reasonable contingencies that prevent you from purchasing the property you want are included in your purchase contract so that you have a better chance of keeping the money in case there is a legitimate reason to withdraw from the sale.
  2. Make the best offer for you: Everyone who buys a home should know the quantity offered. Do not do more than you can, but do not do less than you think others do.
  3. Be careful with the seller: Don’t ask them to dispose of appliances or furniture because they don’t have to. Let them know that it will give them time to navigate and write that.
  4. Obtaining Pre-Approval for a Loan: Having a pre-approved loan will inform the seller that you can increase the sale if he stays with you. Of course, you must take into account the fact that the home must be valued at an acceptable value to afford it. It would be best to include the evaluation emergency in the purchase contract if you need to withdraw because the evaluation is less than you can.

Things are not always the same in all states.

Depending on the state of the real estate market and your budget, you can somehow respond. If you want the house, you can choose the highest bid, but you don’t want to overdo it and stick to a mortgage you can’t afford. Therefore, it is essential to know that you do not necessarily have to bid high for the home you want.

The fact that another buyer offered more money from his dream home does not mean that the seller accepts this offer. The seller can choose which part he wants or decide to pull the house out of the market if he is depressed. It is more than the price when choosing the right buyer for the home:

Closing costs: The potential buyer can offer you a price, but nothing to deal with closing costs. If you take the home seriously and can’t afford it, talk to your real estate agent about the possibilities of covering these costs and making sure the seller knows this.

Qualification: The potential buyer who submits to you still has to obtain approval from the lender. If something fails and the buyer cannot fulfill the offer, the seller will likely not accept it. It is good to know how much you can pay for the home and see that it can be approved for a mortgage.

When dealing with multiple offers at the home that you want to buy, pay attention to what other purchases have made and check what the seller wants. It may not always be more money.…

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Riviere Jiak Kim Street Frasers Property Zouk Site

Riviere Condo by Frasers Property is a residential development with 455 units. It’s located at Jiak Kim Street and close to the Singapore River. Formerly a Zouk Site, Riviere close proximity to numerous shopping centers as well as its serene location right in the heart of Singapore makes it one of the most sought-after residential developments.

Riviere Jiak Kim Street Former Zouk Site

But what exactly makes Riviere Jiak Kim Street stand out? Well, the condo includes a wide variety of services which are offered by the Frasers Hospitality. They include a loyalty program, housekeeping services, concierge services, curated programs, and laundry services. Additionally, Riviere’s modern facilities help to enhance its value as well as attractiveness. Each unit has branded furnishings plus fittings which include sanitary wares, kitchen appliances, and sanitary fittings among others.

Riviere New Development Kim Seng MRT Station

Riviere’s physical location also plays a significant role in enhancing its luxurious nature. Its close proximity to the Great World MRT station as well as the Kim Seng, Zion, and River Valley Roads help to enhance convenience when moving to and from the development. The Central Expressway also plays a crucial role in linking the residents to the city.

For socialization and family entertainment, there are many retail and Food & Beverage centers which are just a few minutes from this development. They include the Great World City Center, Valley Point in addition to Concorde. Besides those, Fort Canning Park is also a family-friendly location for outdoor activities. If you are looking for a place where you can mingle and interact with the affluent persons of Singapore, then this area should be on top of your list. Country clubs such as the American Club, Legends Fort Park, and the Marina Bay Golf course are also found just a few minutes from Riviere.

Riviere Near to Singapore River Frasers Property

Riviere’s location next to Singapore River was the source of inspiration for this condo. Fraser Property used the various states of water which imitates life’s duality to construct a modern building that promotes individuality as well as community. It’s a serene place that’s quiet throughout but also lively in the sense of community, sophisticated in terms of modernity, eminent as per river Singapore’s legacy, and convenient thanks to the 24/7 lifestyle.

Riviere’s sense of community and privacy, serenity and liveliness are what makes it unique. There are branded luxurious furnishings and fittings that adorn the interior of every living units. The surrounding area is also filled with all the much-needed amenities, all of which make living in Riviere Jiak Kim Street a wholesome experience.…

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Midtown Bay Winning Bid by Guocoland Located in Bugis

The plot for Midtown Bay was acquired by Guocoland after bidding in the auction organized by the Singapore government for the land for a lease period of 99 years, after paying 1.622 billion Singapore dollars. Since the plot was located in a very prime area of Singapore, a large number of bidders were expected. However there were only a total of five bidders for the mixed development plot. Four of these bidders for Guocoland Midtown Bay Condo were not from Singapore. Some of the more high profile developers in Singapore like Capitaland, Keppel and CDL did not bid for the plot , which most real estate experts did not expect. The Midtown plot was added to the land held by the government for auction in the year 2014.

Midtown Bay Located in Prime Area in Singapore

The bidding for Midtown Bay Guocoland opened in July 6 , and bidders could submit their bid for a period of one month .The winning bidder was a joint venture between two GLL companies GLL Prosper and GLL Thrive with their stake in the joint venture having a ratio 70 to 30. Other bidders were Kingsford Hurray, a consortium led by OUE, and Japura Development which is a property company owned by Cheung Keung Holdings. The winning bid amount is much higher than the winning bid for auctions for most other similar residential plots which are located in district nine of Singapore in the last few years.

Midtown Bay Winning Bid by Guocoland

The winning bid for the property of Guocoland has set a new record of $1706 per square feet (psf) which is far higher than the rate for similar plots in the area. According to the government conditions for the auction, a large part of the plot area has to be set aside for offices. The remaining area can be used for retail shops or residential projects. Duo Residences and South beach tower are some of the similar mixed development projects in the area. The expected price of the residential unit when these units are listed for sale is expected to be $2200-$2500 psf based on the market price in the area according to property watchers.

Midtown Bay Landmark Development in Bugis

The Midtown Bay Bugis is the latest development project of Guocoland, and it has many plans of making it their landmark construction project. Raymond Choong the chief executive of Guocoland said that his company wishes to use this particular project as an example for future projects, which integrate work, living and play. People can work in offices which are close to their home, so that they do not have to waste much time commuting and are able to spend enough time on recreational activities. Cheng Hsing Yao, the chairman of the Singapore based GLL said that a large number of amenities can be developed on the commercial cum residential plot.…

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Avenue South Residence Cantonment MRT Station

Avenue South Residence is a new condominium found in Silat Avenue. The development whose developer is UOL Group is located right in Downtown City Center and close to Singapore General Hospital. Avenue South Residence is not your normal type of condo, its location, design, and amenities simply make it stand out from the nearby residential developments.

Avenue South Residence Singapore General Hospital

In terms of amenities, this condominium has the latest modern facilities. Residents of Avenue South Residence Singapore General Hospital are guaranteed of security thanks to the guard house. There is a swimming pool that measures 50 meters, multiple BBQ pits, a function room in addition to a clubhouse, as well as a children’s playground and tennis court. For wellness enthusiasts, there is an indoor gym. Avenue South Residence caters to all your entertainment needs as well as those of your loved ones. Avenue South Residence consist of 1074 units that are 56 Storeys high and is one of the highly sought after developments located in the city.

Avenue South Residence Cantonment MRT Station

Living in Avenue South Residence gives you access to a wide range of amenities which are just found within the vicinity. To facilitate movement, the condo is connected to a seamless transport network. The development can be accessed via the MRT Station in Outram Park. Additionally, there is an expected Cantonment-MRT Station that will be on the Circle Line. Apart from the MRTs, residents can use buses which are found along the Kampong Bahru and Bukit Merah Roads. Avenue South residents with vehicles can use the central expressway or the Ayer Rajar expressway to access other parts of Singapore.

Shopping is made even easier thanks to the wide range of retail outlets which are found close to this development. The Dimension Building and renowned Tiong Gahru Plaza are all a few minutes away from this development. Pearl Hills’ City Park is also nearby where families can enjoy some quality time and engage in various outdoor activities.

Avenue South Residence Near to Schools and Commerical Centres

Learners of all ages can easily access education institutions which are found close to Avenue South Residence. Outram Secondary, Gang-Eng Seng, Cantonment Primary, and Bukit Merah Secondary are some of the schools which are a few kilometers from this condo. The short distance to schools means that learners can travel to these facilities every day without commuting for long.

Avenue South Residence is the best place for working professionals, the youth, and young students. It’s located in an urban area which offers quick access to commercial centers, schools, parks, transport network, and other public amenities. The condo has a versatile design to cater to different preferences. If you are looking for a resident that’s suitable for the fast-paced urban life but still offers tranquility, then this is the best place for you.…

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Meyer Mansion Condo Guocoland Singapore

Located near Tanjong and Meyer road, Meyer Mansion condo sits in the former Casa Meyfort historic house. It was later purchased by the Guocoland developers after a successful bid. The development presents a unique residential place full of unique facilities and social amenities.

Meyer Mansion Condo by Guocoland

Based in Singapore, the developer mainly deals in property management, investment, development as well as hotel operations. Besides Singapore, the company extended its markets to other countries such as Malaysia, China, the UK, and Australia. The developer is responsible for the latest Meyer Mansion condo.

Meyer Mansion Guocoland comes with distinctive facilities to make your stay more comfortable. You won’t have to travel all the way to the city for your entertainment needs since everything is right inside the condo. Talk of the long swimming pool to cool yourself after a sunny day and an indoor gym to keep you fit. There is a kids playground where children can spend good times with others. In addition, the condo has a sun deck, a tennis court, clubhouse among many other unique facilities.

Former Casa Meyfort Enbloc by Guocoland

Meyer Mansion freehold development Is also advantageously located right next to various shopping centers. You can take a few minutes’ walks and fulfill all your shopping needs in some of the popular malls. For instance, the Leisure Park and Guillemard shopping centers are good places to purchase your groceries. The condo also sits near to popular parks where you spend quality time with friends and family. A good example is the East Coast Park.

Proximity to schools is another factor considered when looking for a residential property. A development near to schools is advantageous to both the parents and children. It saves enough time for kids to focus on tuition since they won’t have to travel far for schooling. The mansion is therefore located to many established schools such as the Katong girls high school, Kong Hwa school, Dunman among many other schools.

Meyer Mansion Condo Near to Clubs at East Coast

The property sits in a convenient place full of other upscale properties. The community around thus comprise of many wealthy folks who desire a place to socialize after a busy day. Other normal developments may not cater to such needs for instance gaming houses and golf courses. However, This condo is different since its located right next to popular clubs to spend quality time with friends. Examples of them include the Civil club, Tanglin club, American club among many others.…

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Fraser Residence Promenade Singapore River Great World City

Frasers Property is the name of trust and intelligence in the real estate project. With more than 100 years of history, Frasers Property has effectively identified its impressions in more than 80 urban areas around the world. As of now, business transactions in five categories of resources are provided by the departments of an active and reliable client. Frasers Centrepoint Homes will send its latest offers at Fraser Residence near the River Valley and the Singapore River.

Fraser Residence Promenade Singapore River

Fraser Residence Promenade Great World City can be said to be another project located directly in the middle of the Singapore River near the Frasers Property. The place was initially listed on the reserve land in the land sales of the government program and was activated to be purchased. Fraser Residence can be said to be located in the city center, close to Great World City Underground Station, and Havelock MRT Station on the Thomson-East Coastline. The location is close to many improvements and shopping centers and is close to many exotic bars and restaurants along the Singapore River. A real-world lifestyle awaits you at Fraser Residence.

Fraser Residence Frasers Property Great World City

The Fraser Residence Condo is designed by the designer Frasers Property with many shopping centers in the immediate vicinity. For example, Great World City, Central @ Clarke Quay, and Concorde Shopping Center are near Fraser Residence. In addition, Fraser Residence Jiak Kim Street is close to the Orchard shopping area, with plenty of shopping and shops at River Valley Road as well as good food for residents to invest some good energy with their families.

Fraser Residence Jiak Kim Street

The Fraser Residence Promenade has one complete facility, including a club, a projection room, a workroom, a tennis court, an indoor exercise center, a sun terrace, a 50-meter swimming pool, a children’s playground, and a barbecue. The apartment facilities provide the full family entertainment needs of your family, friends, and family. Enjoy a quiet and peaceful lifestyle in the middle of the Singapore River on the River Valley Road.

The former Fraser Residence Souk will be available with Great World City Station and Havelock Metro Station on the Thomson East Coast line. In addition, for apartment owners who take transportation, there are a few transportations available along the Kim Singh Road, the River Valley Road, plus Havelock Road. For owners making a trip to the city, Fraser Residence can be said to be right next to the Central Expressway. Fraser Residence Promenade can be said to be also close to international schools, such as Gan Eng Seng Secondary School, River Valley Primary School, and Alexandra Primary School.…

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Parc Clematis Clementi MRT Station Amenities and Shopping Centres

Parc Clematis is a residential freehold development property which is sited at the center of Clementi. This property ’s a development project of famous SingHaiYi properties developers in Singapore. In fact, this property is at the center of the most wonderful amenities every resident’s dreams should be next to his living place. Some of them include transport systems, shopping centers just naming a few. If you’ve not yet got a unit at Parc Clematis Former Park West Enbloc I don’t know what you’re waiting. Join the elite club and have a good lifestyle at Parc Clematis.

Amenities and Facilities at Parc Clematis Clementi MRT

The residence is unique in its own way. it has full facilities offering the best entertainment ever to the resident’s families. Facilities include a posh swimming pool, fitness center, function rooms, club, and guard houses, children play grounds and so on.

The movement to and from Clementi town where Parc Clematis SingHaiYi is located is convenient. The development of Clementi MRT Station which is purely integrated with numerous bus interchanges has promoted transportation within the region. This allows the residents to visit other parts of the country in the most effective and convenient way. Parc Clematis is the former Park west enbloc and is located near to cityvibes and clementi mall. Parc Clematis is highly sought after due to its located near to many of the developments such as supermarket and coffeeshop thereby bringing in convenience for the residents.

Shopping Centres Near to Parc Clematis

This residential area is a haven for shopping centers. It’s surrounded by most decorated centers where residents can do their shopping conveniently without the need to travel far distances. This has made their lives more beautiful and convenience. Some of these shopping centers are Clement mall as well as 321 shopping center.

Nature Reserves and Parks Near to Parc Clematis SingHaiYi

Parks and reserves are among the things that make life at Parc clematis SingHaiYi more beautiful. It’s next to parks offering wildlife and beautiful nature to residents. Every morning residents are abler to enjoy sweet bird songs to start their day in a most magnificent way. The parks also have uncountable outdoor activities where residents can gather to enjoy with their loved one thus increasing their socializing bond.

The residential area of Clementi has most respected and well-groomed residents living there. These rich people need a base to meet and exchange ideas while enjoying what they like most. This resulted to development of country clubs to accommodate these elite clubs residents. Among the country clubs located next to this residential area include Chevrons, Rajah, Ulu among many more.

Parc clematis Condo is meters away from top-ranked schools in Singapore. This offers kids the opportunity to get an education from elite school while walking few meters from their residence. Due to this, they can save much of travelling time and spend it on studies and resting once they are through with classes. These schools include Clementi, Nexus, Qifa as well as Japanese primary and secondary schools. What are you waiting, get unit at parc clematis Clementi and enjoy the smart life to the fullest? The facilities and amenities found there will blow your mind.…

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