The Potong Pasir Town is a housing estate found between Sennett Estate and Toa Payoh in the Central part of Singapore. In classification, it falls under Payoh area. Potong Pasir is specifically known for being longest held opposition-ward in one party dominant Singapore. The Chiam See Tong,the opposition member of parliament, held the ward consecutively from 1984 to 2011. You can easily access Potong Pasir via the MRT station.

Potong Pasir Town at Potong Pasir MRT Station

This region was previously dominated by sand quarries, thus giving it its current name. The mining-activities led to creation of four ponds which later were reduced to two because of frequent flooding and they were connected to River Kallang. River. These ponds served as the source of food for locals until pollution taken over later. In the 1950, it was the leading vegetable growing area in Singapore. Farmers farmed using traditional-methods with great success in their farming activities.

The area used to flood regularly, forcing residents to seek refuge in St Andrew’s School. Most farmers had leased land from the Government. As the years passed Potong Pasir experienced rapid changes. Among them the bridge construction across the ponds as well as the introduction of education in a village community form center back in 1952. Water and electricity were also introduced in the 1960’s.

Potong Pasir Near to St Andrew School

Early 80’s, public estate Potong Pasir Estate started taking shape and its construction began early 1982 and two blocks were in two years later through. The most recognizable icons in Potong Pasir was sloping roofs of some blocks. Up to now, this ward has managed remaining its idyllic feel as other places have been caught up by urbanization. Currently, Potong Pasir is under Sitoh Yin Pin a member of People’s Action Party. Previously, it was served by a long-term opposition figure Member of Parliament, Chiam See Tong from 1984-2011..

In Potong Pasir, the election has always been in the hot contest as the ruling party People’s Action seeking to unseat Mr. Chian. Mr. Chian was finally unseated by the Sitoh Yin Pin a member of the People’s Action Party. Sitoh Yin Pin successfully defended his seat in 2015 general elections.

Learning Institutions in Potong Pasir Town

Potong Pasir Town is the living place of St Andrew’s Village. It’s a mega-cluster of schools that are part and parcel of The Saints-Familly. It comprises St Andrew’s Junior School as well as St Andrew’s Secondary and St Andrew’s Junior College. The School name abbreviations are SA or SAS and both its former as well as old students are known as Saints.

Back in the 2000s, all the school were reunited in Potong-Pasir as a project of St Andrew’s Village. The Junior school renovation and expansion started in 2003 and in 2004 December, the new buildings were opened. In 2003 still, the new secondary school construction just started opposite the junior-school along the famous Francis-Thomas Drive and opened on 2004 December.

The Junior college began construction in 2003 when the secondary- school vacated its previous premises and moved to its holding-location. In December 2005,Junior-college was opened and a ceremony was held marking the Potong Pasir return. On 26 August 2006, the village was opened officially ceremony being held at the 1000 seater Cultural-Center at the Junior-College.

RV Millenia is one of the latest ventures of the huge company Roxy Pacific Holdings, located in the River valley road. This venture is very near to Great World City MRT station which is located on the Thomson- East coastline. This venture is totally measured as 28,798 Sq ft. The company has planned to develop 100 units in this plot, which is going to benefit the company.

This huge venture is developed by RH capital Two Pte. Ltd, this is a subsidiary of Roxy Pacific Holdings. This is a famous private limited company known for its huge investments in real estate and hospitality businesses, targeting Asian- Pacific countries. It was founded way back in May 1967 in Singapore. It is an investment holding company operating in investments in property and hospitality. RV Millenia Roxy Pacific Holdings is located next to Great World City MRT Station and is a freehold condo.

RV Millenia Roxy Pacific Holdings Great World City MRT Station Condo

The main segments targeted by the company are Property investment, Hotel ownership, and Property development. The Roxy- Pacific is a brand that develops commercial and residential buildings including apartments. RV Millenia is widely anticipated to be a sellout condo as it is located next to Great World City MRT Station.

The Headquarters of this company is located in Singapore. This company extends business through branches in Australia, Malaysia, Auckland, and New Zealand. There are a handful of residential development projects in Sydney and commercial development projects in the center of the city Kuala Lumpur respectively for this company. The company has started investments for the fists time in Auckland and New Zealand.

RV Millenia Freehold Condo Roxy Pacific Holdings

RV Millenia Roxy Pacific Holdings provides all the family entertainment needs that are required for best family entertainments, which helps us to indulge in a tranquil and serene lifestyle. The project has many amenities which include the lavish clubhouse, tennis court, indoor gym, 50-meter swimming pool, sundeck, children’s playground and BBQ pits etc. This also constitutes infrastructure like schools, shops, and hospitals etc. There are also many top preschools and daycares located very near to this venture.

RV Millenia is located in near Great world City MRT station which is near the Thomson’s- East coastline. Any venture which is at the center of the city will always be a successful venture. The properties at River – valley road is most famous and easily accessible. This is located very near to central business district area. As this is located near the river valley road the future residents of RV Millenia will have easy access to some of the famous places like Tiong Bahru Plaza, City square mall, Plaza Singapura etc.

RV Millenia Condo Roxy Homes Singapore

RV Millenia has so much to offer for its visitors whether they want to chill out or have a party together. People who visit this venture will find bars, restaurants, bistros and even art galleries. Roxy Pacific is a huge company having headquarters in Singapore.

It has extended its business from residential properties and commercial properties to Hospitality businesses. The Grand Mercure Singapore Roxy is one of its major hospitality businesses. A lavish and unique lifestyle awaits you at RV Millenia Condo. The project can be described as a combination of lavish look high rise development with many unique facilities. Moreover, it is located in the centre of River valley road which makes it easily accessible to all the famous malls near to the Great City MRT station.

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