February 24, 2024

Haus on Handy Condo Location at Handy Road

What is Haus on Handy? It’s a development situated at Dhoby Ghaut. The establishment is under City developments Limited. Its location on Mount Sophia makes it one of the best areas for residential housing. The developer’s land consists of a conversed building sitting on the property. City development Limited aims to transform the facility into a clubhouse. The clubhouse would service the residents in Mount Sophia.

City Developments Limited Highest Bidder for Haus on Handy

The government released the plot to be sold to interested parties at Haus on Handy Location. City Developments Limited emerged the highest bidder. There were a total of ten bidders for the same property. The company is very selective on the kind of property to develop. The Chief Executive ensures that the company acquires the best parcels of land.

The facility has a clubhouse, an indoor gym, an extensive swimming pool, Lumina Grand EC BBQ pits, sun deck, and a children playground. These facilities offer full family entertainment. A family can spend quality time on the Hans on Handy property and enjoy the serene environment.

Haus on Handy Condo Location at Handy Road

It is located on the Haus on Handy at Handy road which is the right place for the company to improve its financial status. There are no new developments at Haus on Handy CDL in the region making it a prime property for City Developments Limited. A lot of developers are looking for parcels of land to develop on the area. It is a high production region for residential owners.

The property is strategically located on the Handy road. There are various shopping malls in the region. Some of the malls include the Atrium, Plaza Singapura and Concorde mall. The condo is also close to Fort Canning Park. The park offers space for families to mingle.

Haus on Handy Dhoby Ghaut MRT Station

You can get to Hans on Handy using Dhoby Ghaut MRT Station. It is one of the significant interchange connecting to the property. You can also take a bus to the property. The coaches are available at Penang and Orchard roads. Its located at Central Expressway on your way to the city center.

Other amenities around the establishment include schools. These schools include ISS international, and College of Arts. It shows there is excellent growth potential in the region. A lot of parents live near schools which make it easier for their kids to access the schools.

The property is also close to a majority of the workplaces at Marina Bay. Its an excellent opportunity for owners who need residential housings close to their workplaces. It offers one less time to travel between your job and home saving you a lot of time. The region provides developers an opportunity to capture the unsatisfied housing market.…

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