February 24, 2024

Meyer Mansion Condo Guocoland Singapore

Located near Tanjong and Meyer road, Meyer Mansion condo sits in the former Casa Meyfort historic house. It was later purchased by the Guocoland developers after a successful bid. The development presents a unique residential place full of unique facilities and social amenities.

Meyer Mansion Condo by Guocoland

Based in Singapore, the developer mainly deals in property management, investment, development as well as hotel operations. Besides Singapore, the company extended its markets to other countries such as Malaysia, China, the UK, and Australia. The developer is responsible for the latest Meyer Mansion condo.

Meyer Mansion Guocoland comes with distinctive facilities to make your stay more comfortable. You won’t have to travel all the way to the city for your entertainment needs since everything is right inside the condo. Talk of the long swimming pool to cool yourself after a sunny day and an indoor gym to keep you fit. There is a kids playground where children can spend good times with others. In addition, the condo has a sun deck, a tennis court, clubhouse among many other unique facilities.

Former Casa Meyfort Enbloc by Guocoland

Meyer Mansion freehold development Is also advantageously located right next to various shopping centers. You can take a few minutes’ walks and fulfill all your shopping needs in some of the popular malls. For instance, the Leisure Park and Guillemard shopping centers are good places to purchase your groceries. The condo also sits near to popular parks where you spend quality time with friends and family. A good example is the East Coast Park.

Proximity to schools is another factor considered when looking for a residential property. A development near to schools is advantageous to both the parents and children. It saves enough time for kids to focus on tuition since they won’t have to travel far for schooling. The mansion is therefore located to many established schools such as the Katong girls high school, Kong Hwa school, Dunman among many other schools.

Meyer Mansion Condo Near to Clubs at East Coast

The property sits in a convenient place full of other upscale properties. The community around thus comprise of many wealthy folks who desire a place to socialize after a busy day. Other normal developments may not cater to such needs for instance gaming houses and golf courses. However, This condo is different since its located right next to popular clubs to spend quality time with friends. Examples of them include the Civil club, Tanglin club, American club among many others.…

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