April 20, 2024


Before accessing this website, you need to read and comprehend the terms and conditions put in place as you would be bound by them once you use this website. This is to ensure we are on the same page, and all the rules pertaining to the property are followed.

About our website

Those interested in gaining some knowledge on our property services are guaranteed of an educative yet interactive environment. This is to ensure you venture into something that you are already conversant with. This also ensures that our customers decide what they would want to do based on the information. If you happen to be impressed you are at liberty to register your interest so long as you don’t:

  1. Interfere with other user’s affairs by transmitting material that would otherwise offend or defame them.
    2. Disclose confidential or business-related info of any user to us as we want to deal with someone without delivering services based on past information.
    3. Purposely transmit malware into our website, which would cause interruption with our operations.
    4. Use the website in such a way that it would infringe on the rights of other people or disobey the law.

Third-party content, products, and services

You should understand that any product sold or advertised on this website is not ours and we don’t provide them. Therefore if you purchase third party products, you automatically form a legal relationship with them, not us. We usually advise people to check the terms of the provision of the products of the supplier. These include the fees involved even though; we sometimes get the commissions of such third party’s products. We can’t guarantee the viability of the information provided by third party suppliers; hence you are advised to be extra cautious when using the data. The one thing that we do is to make sure you get the correct information; then, you deal with the third party on your own. In case of anything, the third party will be consulted, but when it comes to any information from our website, you can ask for clarification.


We aren’t liable to the damages caused if you do decide to access the websites that are on this website as we neither endorse nor sponsor third party websites. You need to understand that the information on these third party websites is mainly to bring about convenience, but they aren’t 100% reliable.

Change of information, products, and services

Any information, product, and service on this website can be changed at any time without you being notified. Thus to keep updated, you have to visit these websites again and again before deciding on any information you got some time back.

Information provided to us

If you decide to share any information with us, then the information that you have provided will be our property. This means that we are at liberty to transmit, display, reproduce, and publish the said information at will.


Any content on this website is our property and is protected by Australia laws; therefore, you must first get written consent from us before you decide to reproduce, adapt, distribute, sell or transmit any material from this website.


You also cannot use our registered trademarks without our consent. This can lead to a penalty since this identifies us.

Disclaimer and limitation of liability

We aren’t liable to any damages caused by the use of services and products as we exclude all warranties and conditions on the above the things to the limit permitted by the law. However, our jurisdiction is exercised once it involves the repair or replacement of goods that are being supplied.


If your website in any way causes damage, you are liable to pay us and everyone involved.


If you don’t comply with these terms and conditions, you will be exempted from accessing this website. This is what we do to make sure we protect what we have. It takes time to build a well-known website.

Governing Law

Once you decide to use this website, you will be under the jurisdiction of the laws of Australia, specifically New South Wales, especially if any legal issues arise.