May 18, 2024

JCube Mall Shuts Down to Welcome JCube Condo: A New Residential Development in Jurong East

JCube Mall in Jurong East closed its doors on March 31, 2021, after being open for almost a decade. The mall was originally opened in 2011 as part of the Jurong East Regional Centre, and had become a popular destination for shopping and entertainment. The mall was home to a variety of shops, restaurants and entertainment outlets, attracting many visitors from the nearby neighbourhoods and beyond.

However, the mall will now be replaced by a new residential development known as JCube Condo. This development will offer luxury apartments and a range of amenities to its residents, making it an ideal living environment for those looking to reside in the area. The new development, which is slated for completion in 2024, will feature two residential towers with 690 units and a retail podium consisting of over 100 shops and restaurants.

The development of JCube Condo is part of the government’s plans to transform Jurong East into a vibrant, high-density urban centre. It will be located close to the upcoming Jurong East MRT station and the High Speed Rail terminus, making it extremely accessible and convenient for commuters. The development will also be close to a number of popular amenities, such as the Jurong East Swimming Complex and the JCube shopping mall.

In addition to providing luxury living in a convenient location, JCube Condo also promises a number of lifestyle-enhancing features. Residents will enjoy a range of recreational and leisure facilities, including a communal swimming pool, a gym and a multi-purpose hall. There will also be ample greenery and landscaping, providing a pleasant environment for the residents.

The development of JCube Condo is part of the government’s plans to transform Jurong East into a vibrant, high-density urban centre. It is expected to be a major boost for the area, providing housing and job opportunities for the local community. The new development is also likely to attract more visitors to the region, as it will be close to attractions such as the Singapore Science Centre and the Chinese Garden.

JCube Mall may have closed its doors, but the area is set to be transformed into a vibrant, modern residential complex. JCube Condo will provide luxury living in an incredibly convenient location, and will be a major boost for the local community. With its range of amenities, it promises to be an ideal living environment for those looking to reside in the area.

On March 16th 2021, it was announced that JCube Mall in Jurong East, Singapore would be shut down to make way for the upcoming JCube Condo, a new residential development in the area. The mall, which has been in existence for more than JCube Residence a decade, had been a popular destination for shoppers, food lovers, and movie-goers. The closure of the mall has been met with a combination of sadness and optimism from visitors and locals alike.

JCube Mall first opened its doors in 2009, as part of the Jurong East revitalization project. At the time, it was the first shopping mall of its kind in the area, offering a wide range of entertainment and dining options for visitors. It was quickly embraced by the local community and became a popular destination for those in the area.

The mall boasted over 200 retail outlets, including fashion, lifestyle, and beauty stores. It also had a range of food outlets, offering local and international fares. Moviegoers were not forgotten, with a cineplex located on the fourth floor.

In recent years, however, the mall had seen a steady decline in visitors, as other malls in the vicinity offered more attractive options. This, combined with the ongoing pandemic, ultimately led to the mall’s closure.

The new JCube Condo development that will take its place, is set to offer residents luxurious living in the heart of Jurong East. The development will include two towers, one with 24 stories and the other with 25 stories. It will house over 500 units, offering a mix of one, two, and three-bedroom apartments.

Residents of the new development will enjoy a range of amenities, including a swimming pool, gym, and a rooftop terrace. They will also have access to retail outlets, restaurants, and a grocery store.

The JCube Condo closure of JCube Mall is not only a sad moment for those who have visited it over the years, but also a sign of progress and growth in the area. The new development will bring a much-needed boost to the local economy, while also providing a luxurious residential option for those living in the area.

The new JCube Condo development is a testament to the potential that Jurong East has to offer. It is a sign that the area is set to become an even more vibrant and attractive destination in the coming years. And while JCube Mall may be gone, its legacy will remain as a fond memory to those who visited it throughout the years.