July 15, 2024

Jurong East Condo to Benefit from Jurong Master Plan by URA

Jurong East Condo to Benefit From Jurong Master Plan by URA

Jurong East Condo is set to benefit from Jurong Master Plan by URA, with the Jurong Lake District and Jurong Innovation District within walking distance. It is also within 5 miles of the Jurong Regional Library and Genting Hotel. In addition, this development is home to the only private residential building within the area. The Bidadari ITH was launched at the end of 2015, with the first residents moving in a year or two later. At that time, prices for a four-room flat were at half a million dollars, while those for a five-room flat were around $681,000.

Jurong Lake District

A new land use plan for Jurong East has been approved by the urban redevelopment authority. This plan includes commercial space as well as residential apartments. It also includes a lake and park area. The proposed plan is expected to generate billions of dollars in investments. It will also serve as the largest commercial hub outside the city center. It will have over 500,000 square metres of office space and 250,000 square meters of retail, F&B, and entertainment uses. It will also include about 1,000 new houses. The entire area is expected to become more than twice the size of Tampines Regional Centre, which is the most densely populated in Singapore.

The area will also include a new shopping centre, Jurong Gateway. The Jurong Gateway is a pedestrian and commercial hub that is connected to the Jurong Community Hospital. The Jurong Lake District will become a key regional hub. In the future, this area will also have four new MRT stations.

Jurong Innovation District

The Jurong Innovation District is a new district in Singapore where researchers, innovators and businesses can come together. The district is strategically located alongside the Nanyang Technological University, where students and entrepreneurs can collaborate with researchers and test prototypes. It will help create the future of enterprise, learning and living.

This area will be home to a variety of new businesses. It will also house companies with strong ESG and sustainability ambitions. As a result, it will generate billions of dollars in investment. It will include seventy-five thousand square metres of commercial space, including restaurants, hotels, and entertainment. Moreover, the area will be home to at least 1,000 new residential units. Combined, these developments will create a new commercial hub that is 2.5 times bigger than the Tampines Regional Centre.

The URA’s draft Master Plan also lays out plans for underground districts. These are expected to help Singapore build deeper and wider while freeing up more surface land for people-centric uses. To facilitate this, the URA launched three-dimensional (3D) subterranean maps at its Draft Master Plan launch. With this, developers can easily create a seamless underground map.

Jurong Gateway

Jurong Gateway is a new area that is set to become a commercial hub for the West Region. It is dubbed the next Marina Bay, and it is part of URA’s decentralisation strategy. The new district is located next to the Jurong East MRT station, and offers a perfect mix of residential and office space. It also boasts a wide range of entertainment options, making it a desirable location for both business and leisure enthusiasts.

Jurong Gateway is one of the largest commercial hubs in Singapore and is also a major transport hub. The area is home to three MRT stations and a bus interchange, as well as two expressways. It also includes an integrated hospital for residents.

Jurong East Central Condo

The Jurong East Central Condo is one of several new developments that will benefit from the Jurong Master Plan by URA. Located in the heart of Jurong Lake District concept, this development will take advantage of many of the amenities that will be built along the lakefront. These amenities will include a new Jurong Hospital and Jurong Gateway mixed-use podium block, as well as waterfront promenades and boardwalks.

The Jurong Lake District Master Plan is expected to make Jurong East a more desirable place to live. It will be home to the Jurong Lake Gardens, Jurong Region MRT Line, better community infrastructure, and a range of employment opportunities.