Sloane Residences Freehold Development Facilities

Sloane Residences is a new property situated at the center of the Balmoral road. It is officially owned by both the ocean sky international company and the Tiong Seng property holders. This two property holder owns some shares in the stock exchange market. The Sloan Residences development will be one of the high-class city centers that are with many services nearby. It will also feature some supermarket run in Orchard.

Sloane Residences Freehold Development Facilities

This residential property features many outstanding facilities such as an indoor gym and a guard house. Besides that, the place is equipped with a kids playground, a clubhouse, a long swimming pool, a function room, a sun deck and tennis room too.

The unique condo also comes with unique entertainment services which will cater to your family needs. All these facilities are aimed at providing a calm and serene environment with classic lifestyle at the center of the city.

Indeed, this residential freehold property is situated near to many social amenities. These unique plots have been distributed out to most parts of Singapore. This development is among the latest successful enblocs located at the city center.

Sloane Residences Combination of 2 Plots to Each Other

This residential property consists of a combination of two plots adjacent to each other. The first plot consists of the Sloan court Hotel with another small plot adjacent to it. The freehold development property is advantageously situated with a variety of shopping malls located around in the neighborhood A good example is the Shaw Center. There are also other two centers including the Tang’s plaza and the Shaw house. All this three are situated nearby the Sloan Residences.

Sloan Residences Newton Food Centre and MRT Station

The property is also situated strategically to the Botanical gardens in Singapore. Besides that, you can easily get to the Newton Food are and have fun with your loved ones.
The Sloane Residences will also be easily accessed through the MRT Station in the Newton area. The station is just a few meters from the property and you can access it. For those who will be visiting the city center, the Sloane Residences will be accessible next to the Central Expressway area.

The property holdings are also located near to the top best schools examples including the Chinese school, St. Joseph School and the Singapore Girls school. If you need to feel that wonderful life full of amenities with a serene and tranquil lifestyle, then the Sloane Residences is a place for you. It is just located at the center of the Balmoral Road.…

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The Hyde Woh Hup Group Tranquil and Peaceful Lifestyle

The Hyde is a new architectural project by the renowned real estate developers in Singapore, the Woh Hup Group. It is located at the center of activity on the Balmoral Road which makes it favorable for both commercial as well as business estates. Located in district 10 where the wealthy reside, having the address of The Hyde Condo will be a symbol of your status in the community and your neighbours envy.

Amenities At The Hyde Residential Property

If you are looking for a orchard residential property that has all the modern amenities you will need and a few that you’ll be pleasantly surprised to have, you have to reside at the Hyde. You won’t ever need to need to leave the property to enjoy the luxury of an Olympic size swimming pool, kids play area, a clubhouse for meetings and indoor sports, a tennis court where you can work on your backswing, and several BBQ Pits for when you want to have a few guests over to enjoy the summer warmth.

The Hyde Woh Hup Group

The property by the Who Hup group is also fully equipped to handle any security concerns with state of the art security facilities installed all over the property. A guardhouse sits on the property to house all the security that guards the property. It should be pointed out that the location and the property is quite safe to be honest.

As we’ve mentioned before The Hyde lies in district 10 which is one of the most glamorous locations in all of Singapore. The Who Hup group is looking to more than make up its investment on the property that lies on Balmoral Road, as well as on Newton and Steven Road. It is only a few minutes’ drive away from the popular Orchid shopping district which is popular among tourists as well as locals.

The Hyde Tranquil and Peaceful Lifestyle

The Hyde Condo lets you have the best of both worlds. If you’re looking for a serene tranquil and peaceful lifestyle you can always enjoy one of the many amenities in the property. You could even enjoy the well-built units which provide the seclusion that you sometimes need after a hard day’s work. If you want to let your hair down and enjoy yourself, the city is hardly a few minutes away and you can start your party even before you know to say NOW!

The Woh Hup group had to outbid several other real estate developers to win The Hyde project from JLL. They are the experts in civil engineering in Singapore and one of the leading construction companies in the country. They have more than 91 years of combined experience in the business and they were thrilled at the opportunity to acquire the freehold land.…

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Mountbatten MRT Station at Mountbatten Road

To gather and understand the information about MOUNTBATTEN MRT STATION one must have a clear idea as to what is a MRT. MRT is a short form of Mass Rapid Transit. This refers to the mass system for the purpose of transport which spans across the city. Mountbatten MRT System refers to an underground station of railway located at the boundary of Singapore. Geographically this station is located within the stadium MRT and Dakota MRT station.

Mountbatten MRT Station at Mountbatten Road

The location of MOUNTBATTEN STATION is 301 Mountbatten Road, Singapore. Its lines are circular and total numbers of tracks are two in number. It is pertinent to mention here that total construction of this MOUNTBATTEN MRT STATION is underground. This provides facility for cycles and also the disabled people. The construction of this station started 26 September 2003; the railway line was initiated on April 17, 2010 and covers a total of 57.2 km.

Mountbatten MRT Station

It is pertinent to mention here that before the construction of this station it was called old air port road because two stations were actually surrounding Old Air Port however, same was changed and the name was then selected as Louis Mountbatten, who was the first Mountbatten of Burma, this man was famous for accepting Japanese surrender during Second World War as he was the supreme Commander. and the railway line was initiated on April 17, 2010 and covers a total of 57.2 km. The name of the contractor who completed this project is Nishimatsu Chang joint venture, This Joint venture used to be in charge of Nicholl High station.

Mountbatten MRT Station Huge Capacity

Well talking about the inside of the Mountbatten MRT station it can be said that that it is a very spacious station which has a huge capacity to accommodate people, Its full length screening doors separate the tunnels from air conditioned station. There are many spacious escalators affixed in the station to accommodate the people who have difficulty in moving from basement to 1st floor. All the equipment is well maintained and upgraded on a regular base. Trains are spacious and comfortable. Timings of the trains are strictly followed and that is one of the main points of convenience for the people who travel through this subway. The color scheme of the station is Pink as per the choice of Mountbatten, the last viceroy of India. This color was chosen for the subway and the road above it considering the thoughts of Mountbatten “ Pink resembles the color of sky when the dusk and dawn mixes”.…

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Potong Pasir Town Near to Potong Pasir MRT Station

The Potong Pasir Town is a housing estate found between Sennett Estate and Toa Payoh in the Central part of Singapore. In classification, it falls under Payoh area. Potong Pasir is specifically known for being longest held opposition-ward in one party dominant Singapore. The Chiam See Tong,the opposition member of parliament, held the ward consecutively from 1984 to 2011. You can easily access Potong Pasir via the MRT station.

Potong Pasir Town at Potong Pasir MRT Station

This region was previously dominated by sand quarries, thus giving it its current name. The mining-activities led to creation of four ponds which later were reduced to two because of frequent flooding and they were connected to River Kallang. River. These ponds served as the source of food for locals until pollution taken over later. In the 1950, it was the leading vegetable growing area in Singapore. Farmers farmed using traditional-methods with great success in their farming activities.

The area used to flood regularly, forcing residents to seek refuge in St Andrew’s School. Most farmers had leased land from the Government. As the years passed Potong Pasir experienced rapid changes. Among them the bridge construction across the ponds as well as the introduction of education in a village community form center back in 1952. Water and electricity were also introduced in the 1960’s.

Potong Pasir Near to St Andrew School

Early 80’s, public estate Potong Pasir Estate started taking shape and its construction began early 1982 and two blocks were in two years later through. The most recognizable icons in Potong Pasir was sloping roofs of some blocks. Up to now, this ward has managed remaining its idyllic feel as other places have been caught up by urbanization. Currently, Potong Pasir is under Sitoh Yin Pin a member of People’s Action Party. Previously, it was served by a long-term opposition figure Member of Parliament, Chiam See Tong from 1984-2011..

In Potong Pasir, the election has always been in the hot contest as the ruling party People’s Action seeking to unseat Mr. Chian. Mr. Chian was finally unseated by the Sitoh Yin Pin a member of the People’s Action Party. Sitoh Yin Pin successfully defended his seat in 2015 general elections.

Learning Institutions in Potong Pasir Town

Potong Pasir Town is the living place of St Andrew’s Village. It’s a mega-cluster of schools that are part and parcel of The Saints-Familly. It comprises St Andrew’s Junior School as well as St Andrew’s Secondary and St Andrew’s Junior College. The School name abbreviations are SA or SAS and both its former as well as old students are known as Saints.

Back in the 2000s, all the school were reunited in Potong-Pasir as a project of St Andrew’s Village. The Junior school renovation and expansion started in 2003 and in 2004 December, the new buildings were opened. In 2003 still, the new secondary school construction just started opposite the junior-school along the famous Francis-Thomas Drive and opened on 2004 December.

The Junior college began construction in 2003 when the secondary- school vacated its previous premises and moved to its holding-location. In December 2005,Junior-college was opened and a ceremony was held marking the Potong Pasir return. On 26 August 2006, the village was opened officially ceremony being held at the 1000 seater Cultural-Center at the Junior-College.…

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RV Millenia Roxy Pacific Holdings Great World City Freehold Condo

RV Millenia is one of the latest ventures of the huge company Roxy Pacific Holdings, located in the River valley road. This venture is very near to Great World City MRT station which is located on the Thomson- East coastline. This venture is totally measured as 28,798 Sq ft. The company has planned to develop 100 units in this plot, which is going to benefit the company.

This huge venture is developed by RH capital Two Pte. Ltd, this is a subsidiary of Roxy Pacific Holdings. This is a famous private limited company known for its huge investments in real estate and hospitality businesses, targeting Asian- Pacific countries. It was founded way back in May 1967 in Singapore. It is an investment holding company operating in investments in property and hospitality. RV Millenia Roxy Pacific Holdings is located next to Great World City MRT Station and is a freehold condo.

RV Millenia Roxy Pacific Holdings Great World City MRT Station Condo

The main segments targeted by the company are Property investment, Hotel ownership, and Property development. The Roxy- Pacific is a brand that develops commercial and residential buildings including apartments. RV Millenia is widely anticipated to be a sellout condo as it is located next to Great World City MRT Station.

The Headquarters of this company is located in Singapore. This company extends business through branches in Australia, Malaysia, Auckland, and New Zealand. There are a handful of residential development projects in Sydney and commercial development projects in the center of the city Kuala Lumpur respectively for this company. The company has started investments for the fists time in Auckland and New Zealand.

RV Millenia Freehold Condo Roxy Pacific Holdings

RV Millenia Roxy Pacific Holdings provides all the family entertainment needs that are required for best family entertainments, which helps us to indulge in a tranquil and serene lifestyle. The project has many amenities which include the lavish clubhouse, tennis court, indoor gym, 50-meter swimming pool, sundeck, children’s playground and BBQ pits etc. This also constitutes infrastructure like schools, shops, and hospitals etc. There are also many top preschools and daycares located very near to this venture.

RV Millenia is located in near Great world City MRT station which is near the Thomson’s- East coastline. Any venture which is at the center of the city will always be a successful venture. The properties at River – valley road is most famous and easily accessible. This is located very near to central business district area. As this is located near the river valley road the future residents of RV Millenia will have easy access to some of the famous places like Tiong Bahru Plaza, City square mall, Plaza Singapura etc.

RV Millenia Condo Roxy Homes Singapore

RV Millenia has so much to offer for its visitors whether they want to chill out or have a party together. People who visit this venture will find bars, restaurants, bistros and even art galleries. Roxy Pacific is a huge company having headquarters in Singapore.

It has extended its business from residential properties and commercial properties to Hospitality businesses. The Grand Mercure Singapore Roxy is one of its major hospitality businesses. A lavish and unique lifestyle awaits you at RV Millenia Condo. The project can be described as a combination of lavish look high rise development with many unique facilities. Moreover, it is located in the centre of River valley road which makes it easily accessible to all the famous malls near to the Great City MRT station.…

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Hougang MRT Station Lorong 1 Realty Park Parkwood Collection

Talk of infrastructure development, Singapore is really taking this a notch higher. In fact, several upcoming developments are underway. A good example is the Lorong 1 Realty Park. This is the project is under the management of a Chinese based company. The emerged the winner in a bid to undertake the development of this property. Lorong 1 Realty Park Parkwood Collection is a landed property close to Hougang MRT Station and therefore there are many developments close to the city.

The real estate market is always heating up and new structures emerge on a daily basis. Fantasia investment, a China-based company, is the company that walked away with the 75.8 million dollars tender among all the other 11 companies that placed their bid for this particular tender.

Parkwood Collection Hougang MRT Station Lorong 1 Realty Park Singapore

The company is well known for the development of other properties in Singapore including the famous 6 Derbyshire. This was done under the Government Land Sales program.
These amenities include:

• The Hougang Mal
• Heartland Mal
• Hougang MRT station

Parkwood Collection Landed Property by Fantasia Holding Group Singapore

The site is accessible by bus. It is quite easy to get there. To prospective buyers, Lorong 1 Realty Park is set to have a lot of facilities that will make living there very simple. For residents who love shopping, the two nearby malls are perfect as they stock in almost every household products including groceries. When it comes to the pricing of the property, there are so many factors that the Investment company need to consider before coming up with an actual price of any of the homes that will be built in this site. For instance, the busy traffic is one of those factors. This may affect the demand and pricing, as clients need a quiet environment.

Parkwood Collection 99 Years Leasehold Development Located in the City

The noise and traffic are the only challenges in that may affect the price of the units so far. However, Hougang Avenue should look forward to having the poshest and luxurious homes built around this area. Fantasia Investment will, however, need to sort out the noise and traffic problem around this site once it is developed. Most home buyers are always looking for a quiet place that offers a great scene and comfort. Parkwood Collection 99 Years Leasehold landed property is located at Hougang and is by Fantasia Holding Group in Singapore.

In terms of quality, the company is known to have taken major projects in the past so of course, they will deliver. Lorong 1 Realty Park is not only going to be the best area to buy a home but also the perfect place to settle.…

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Park Colonial Condo Location and Site Plan

The Park Colonial Condo is the most attractive featured development beside the Woodleigh M.R.T Station with its good strategic placement. The developers of this project comprise of three companies namely -Chip Eng Seng Corp, Heeton Holdings and the KSH Holdings who have entered into a joint venture agreement that could turn out be a high earning investment portfolio in future; not only for them but also for those who choose to invest in this property. The project is being favoured upon by many developers because it lies in the vicinage of the forthcoming Bidadari Housing estate. Please see Park Colonial Condo location for more information.

Park Colonial Condo Chip Eng Seng Location

It is located right next to the Woodleigh M.R.T Station and the densely populated Potong Pasir station in Serangoon North Avenue 1. Park Colonial Condo can be reached by bus, which will drop you at the Woodleigh M.R.T Station. The property is well connected to important roads so reaching there by road transport like car, motorcycles, etc will not be a problem. It is connected to the North East Line as well as Circle Line through the Serangoon M.R.T Station.

You may also opt to use the Circle Road which connects to other avenues like the Marina bay, Botanic Garden, the Harbour Front and many more. Since it has close proximity to shopping malls like Nex Shopping Mall at Serangoon M.R.T Station and The Venue Shoppers at Potong Pasir M.R.T Station, the Park Colonial Woodleigh Lane can be looked at as an ideal location to raise a family.

Park Colonial Condo Location and Site Plan

Every basic amenity is available at the click of a finger. The development is conceptualized into 16 storey apartment with a unique blend of uses that ensures a vibrant community will thrive. Whether it’s indoors or outdoors, the development has been planned to provide a life of limitless comfort and convenience. With a varied list of recreational centers, the Park Colonial Condo serves your entire family so that there are full entertained.

Some of the unique indoor facilities contained at Park Colonial site and floor plan include a well-equipped indoor gym, a guard house with efficient security personnel who monitor the surveillance of the property, a club house which gives you unmatched comfort and exclusivity and a well-organized function room which can be handy for birthday celebrations, weddings, family gatherings, community meets etc. There are also some outdoor facilities such as an exquisite 50m swimming pool where you can take a dip with your family or throw a pool party and a tennis court of international standards.

Park Colonial Condo Floor Plans

Education of their children is the primary concern of parents before shifting to a new place. Cedar Girl’s Secondary-School, Maris Stella High-School, Saint Andrew Junior-College are some of the schools near to this property. Kids can have ample time in the children’s playground. The property is also equipped with green amenities like a park full of trees where you can envision your home amidst an eye catching landscape and escape from the hustle and bustle of ordinary life to experience complete serenity.

For many families are willing to move into Park Colonial Singapore for an unparalleled range of lifestyle experiences , now it is time for you to decide to move in and embrace your aspiration. This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity is offered only to those who truly desire to make their home in an icon. Park Colonial floor plans has easy connectivity to all of the city’s resources. And it is truly a big step up in life for those who have a refined taste. Get ready to go up a notch into sophistication as you quench your desire for all things unique.…

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The Woodleigh Residences Mix Development at Bidadari

Located just right next to the Woodleigh MRT station, The Woodleigh Residences Bidadari is a new 99 years leasehold mixed-use development by Singapore Press Holdings and Kajima Development. A beautiful blend and mix of commercial shops, restaurants, and residences, it offers great benefits to its residents.

The Woodleigh Residences offer full and unique facilities such as a clubhouse, function room, tennis court, sun deck, 50m swimming pool, indoor gym, guard house, children’s playground and barbecue pits. The facilities of the condo provide complete entertainment needs for everyone in the family and their friends or loved ones.

The Woodleigh Mix Development at Woodleigh MRT Station

Shopping is made easy and convenient because of the shopping centers located all around the vicinity. It is also near The Venue Shoppes which is a new shopping center that is located just right next to Potong Pasir MRT Station. Another shopping mall that is easily accessible from The Woodleigh Residences is the Nex Shopping Mall, one of Singapore’s iconic shopping centers which located just right next to Serangoon MRT Station. The Poiz Centre is also just nearby which also offers a fun shopping experience.

The Woodleigh Residences is a mixed development project with both residential and commercial sites located next to the Woodleigh MRT Station on new Bidadari Estate, Singapore. The project is acquired by Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) and Kajima Development collectively after the submission of highest bid of 1.132 billion dollars. This bid translates into 1180 per sq. ft. Per plot ratio. The bid was submitted by tenderers, Elara 1 and Callista 1 (SPH and Kajima Development.) The land is a 99-year leasehold property.

The Woodleigh Condo At Bidadari Housing Estate

Nearby Shopping Complexes: The Poiz Centre
The Venue Shoppes
Nex Shopping Mall.
Nearby Schools: Stanford American International School
Cedar Primary School
Cedar’s Girls Secondary School
St. Andrew’s Junior College
Maris Stella High School (Primary)
Maris Stella High School (Secondary)
Project Details:

The project will be developed over the 273, 842 sq. ft. which will include 825 residential units (estimated) and 161, 460 sq.ft. of commercial space.
There are also schools near The Woodleigh Residences Mix Development. The Cedar Girl’s Secondary School and the Maris Stella High School.

The condo is also only one MRT stop away from or to Serangoon MRT Station. Residents can actually hop on to The Circle Line that would allow them access to different areas such as Bishan, Bartley, Lorong Chuan, and other housing estates like Buona Vista, Paya Lebar, Holland Village, Bras Basah, Esplanade, and Mountbatten. The Circle Line opened in May 2009 and was built to lessen the traveling time of the commuters who are traveling Singapore’s central and western parts.

The Woodleigh Residences Singapore

The Woodleigh Residence is also located right in the center of Bidadari Estate which will be home to 11,000 new private condos and new BTO flats. This would mean more amenities and communal areas for The Woodleigh Residences’ residents.

Complete with amenities, built in a strategic location, The Woodleigh Residence Singapore is definitely a good investment for everyone.…

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Muse @ Newton Condo Near to Newton Hawker Centre

Muse @ Newton is a new freehold-development that’s found near the Newton MRT Station. It is situated at 29 Newton Road in the Singapore’s District 11. Work is in progress and it is expected that all will be ready in 2018. The gross floor area of the development property is 42,471 sq ft.

Upon completion, the 6-storeys tall development will present 55 units. The land in which the development takes place was acquired in 2 phases. The first phase was the 31 Newton Rd acquired by Amara Holdings as well as the 29 Newton Rd also acquired by the same corporation. Plans are underway to merge the two plots of freehold land to Muse @ Newton Condo.

Convenient And Nearby Facilities at Muse @ Newton

Muse @ Newton promise lots of unique recreational and social facilities. There shall be a clubhouse, function room, guard house and an indoor gym. Also included are a 50m swimming pool, sun deck, a tennis court as well as BBQ pits and children’s playground. The facilities here offer an ideal climate for the family so expect nothing but unforgettable family fun times. The development is near to Newton Hawker Centre and is by Amara Holdings.

The cool breeze fused with the city environment is just the perfect mix for members of the working class looking for prompt access to the nearby facilities as well as a calm and serene environment free from the noisy city life.

New at Newton 29 Newton Road

The development area conveniently sits within various shopping centers such as Novena Square, United Square, Newton Food Center, Velocity, to name but a few. For parents with school-going children, there are plenty of elite schools near the development such as the Saint Joseph Institution Junior, the Anglo-Chinese School and the Singapore Chinese Girl School.

How To Get There

The MRT facilitates transport in and out of Muse at Newton. In addition to the railway system, you could choose to access the area by buses that operate along the Newton Road and Dunearn Road.

Muse @ Newton Near to Newton Hawker Centre

By providing access to modern facilities in an atmosphere that is detached from the city life, it is clear to see that the Muse @ Newton has been designed with millenials in mind. Take advantage of this opportunity to grab your space.…

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Jui Residences Former National Aerated Water Company

Jui Residences is a remarkable freehold development situated at the Serangoon through Malaysian developer known as Selangor Dredging. The bids that were received were $ 47million making it one of the most expensive development in the area. Additional of $ 2.7 million was paid to develop paths and zones thus turning it from a residential area to industrial.

Jui Residences Former National Aerated Water Company

In terms of shopping outlets, Jui Residences has some of the best shopping outlets that makes it among the best places where you can shop for a remarkable shopping experience including Venue Shoppers. Since the location is a walking distance, you will always save money and time when traveling. It is located at 1177 Serangoon Road.

In terms of social facilities, Jui Residences National Aerated Water Company has remarkable and fantastic social amenities. When living as a family in the area, you will be able to have the best life for not only yourself but also family members. Jui Residences has the many facilities including good tennis playing area, excellent and secured security system, modern swimming pool, a BBQ area, and new indoor and good classic gym.

History of Jui Residences 1177 Serangoon Road

For the schools in the area, it has St. Andrew’s Junior College, Stanford American International and Cedar Girls Secondary Schools, which will enable your kids to enjoy quality education. Your kids will never have to hustle when traveling to these schools since they have a close proximity to the residential area.

The close proximity to the CBD also makes it one of the best residential places to reside when you want to save both money and time when traveling. In addition, it offers among the best places if you need a place where you can enjoy themselves as a family from its cool and serene environment.

Freehold Condo Jui Residences

In conclusion, the above review of Jui Residences should assist you understand why you need to get a unit when looking for a remarkable residential area where you can live peacefully with your family.…

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