September 20, 2021

Mountbatten MRT Station at Mountbatten Road

To gather and understand the information about MOUNTBATTEN MRT STATION one must have a clear idea as to what is a MRT. MRT is a short form of Mass Rapid Transit. This refers to the mass system for the purpose of transport which spans across the city. Mountbatten MRT System refers to an underground station of railway located at the boundary of Singapore. Geographically this station is located within the stadium MRT and Dakota MRT station.

Mountbatten MRT Station at Mountbatten Road

The location of MOUNTBATTEN STATION is 301 Mountbatten Road, Singapore. Its lines are circular and total numbers of tracks are two in number. It is pertinent to mention here that total construction of this MOUNTBATTEN MRT STATION is underground. This provides facility for cycles and also the disabled people. The construction of this station started 26 September 2003; the railway line was initiated on April 17, 2010 and covers a total of 57.2 km.

Mountbatten MRT Station

It is pertinent to mention here that before the construction of this station it was called old air port road because two stations were actually surrounding Old Air Port however, same was changed and the name was then selected as Louis Mountbatten, who was the first Mountbatten of Burma, this man was famous for accepting Japanese surrender during Second World War as he was the supreme Commander. and the railway line was initiated on April 17, 2010 and covers a total of 57.2 km. The name of the contractor who completed this project is Nishimatsu Chang joint venture, This Joint venture used to be in charge of Nicholl High station.

Mountbatten MRT Station Huge Capacity

Well talking about the inside of the Mountbatten MRT station it can be said that that it is a very spacious station which has a huge capacity to accommodate people, Its full length screening doors separate the tunnels from air conditioned station. There are many spacious escalators affixed in the station to accommodate the people who have difficulty in moving from basement to 1st floor. All the equipment is well maintained and upgraded on a regular base. Trains are spacious and comfortable. Timings of the trains are strictly followed and that is one of the main points of convenience for the people who travel through this subway. The color scheme of the station is Pink as per the choice of Mountbatten, the last viceroy of India. This color was chosen for the subway and the road above it considering the thoughts of Mountbatten “ Pink resembles the color of sky when the dusk and dawn mixes”.