September 20, 2021

Sloane Residences Freehold Development Facilities

Sloane Residences is a new property situated at the center of the Balmoral road. It is officially owned by both the ocean sky international company and the Tiong Seng property holders. This two property holder owns some shares in the stock exchange market. The Sloan Residences development will be one of the high-class city centers that are with many services nearby. It will also feature some supermarket run in Orchard.

Sloane Residences Freehold Development Facilities

This residential property features many outstanding facilities such as an indoor gym and a guard house. Besides that, the place is equipped with a kids playground, a clubhouse, a long swimming pool, a function room, a sun deck and tennis room too.

The unique condo also comes with unique entertainment services which will cater to your family needs. All these facilities are aimed at providing a calm and serene environment with classic lifestyle at the center of the city.

Indeed, this residential freehold property is situated near to many social amenities. These unique plots have been distributed out to most parts of Singapore. This development is among the latest successful enblocs located at the city center.

Sloane Residences Combination of 2 Plots to Each Other

This residential property consists of a combination of two plots adjacent to each other. The first plot consists of the Sloan court Hotel with another small plot adjacent to it. The freehold development property is advantageously situated with a variety of shopping malls located around in the neighborhood A good example is the Shaw Center. There are also other two centers including the Tang’s plaza and the Shaw house. All this three are situated nearby the Sloan Residences.

Sloan Residences Newton Food Centre and MRT Station

The property is also situated strategically to the Botanical gardens in Singapore. Besides that, you can easily get to the Newton Food are and have fun with your loved ones.
The Sloane Residences will also be easily accessed through the MRT Station in the Newton area. The station is just a few meters from the property and you can access it. For those who will be visiting the city center, the Sloane Residences will be accessible next to the Central Expressway area.

The property holdings are also located near to the top best schools examples including the Chinese school, St. Joseph School and the Singapore Girls school. If you need to feel that wonderful life full of amenities with a serene and tranquil lifestyle, then the Sloane Residences is a place for you. It is just located at the center of the Balmoral Road.